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Hong Kong

Taxi and delivery driver insurance for British National (Overseas) visa holders from Hong Kong.

Nelson are able to provide you with expert advice to help you choose the correct insurance policy to enable you to work as a taxi and/or delivery driver.

We provide insurance across the UK and are one of just a few insurers in London who allow you to drive for Uber. We’re known and trusted and look forward to providing you with a competitive quotation for your insurance and building you a bespoke policy to meet your needs.

What you need to know about taxi or delivery driver insurance

To be a taxi or delivery driver in the UK you require a higher class of insurance known as ‘Hire and Reward’. A Hire and Reward policy also allows you to use your vehicle for social, domestic and pleasure usage (ordinary day-to-day use such as taking your children to school), so it can represent good value to have a single policy which allows you to use your vehicle for personal use and to deliver food or goods and/or carry fee paying passengers.

If you intend to work as a taxi driver you and your vehicle require a licence from your local authority. You can find out about how to apply for a licence for you as a driver and for your vehicle on the UK government website.

We provide two types of Hire and Reward taxi insurance which correspond with your licence type:

  • Private Hire – this allows you to carry out pre-booked trips such as through Uber. You can also use your vehicle for social, domestic and pleasure use and carry food and/or non-hazardous good.
  • Public Hire – this allows you pick up passengers without a booking (as per the conditions of your licence), as well as carry out pre-booked passenger trips and deliver food and/or non-hazardous goods. You can also use your vehicle for social, domestic and pleasure use.

If you intend to only undertake food or parcel delivery work, you do not need an additional licence, but you do need Hire and Reward (delivery driver) insurance.

An overview of our taxi and delivery driver insurance features

Private or Public hire insurance Delivery driver insurance
Cover for carriage of fee paying passengers X
Cover for food or non-hazardous goods X X
1,3,6 or 12 month cover X X
Comprehensive or Third Party Only cover X X
Optional replacement vehicle in the event of a claim X X
Flexible payment options X X
Ability to work for all taxi ride hailing apps (Uber, Bolt, Ola, FREENOW and any other) X
Ability to work for all food and parcel delivery services, such as UberEats, JustEat, Deliveroo and Amazon Flex (car only) X X
Industry leading service and advice X X
£0 excess if you are involved in an accident which isn’t your fault and you use our Approved Repairer Network  X X